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The website listed on this protected page, Chandler Creations Scrapbook Supplies, has met the minimum safety and quality assurance requirements of iSafeSite, a third-party safety, security, trust and privacy advocate.

Organization:    Chandler Creations Scrapbook Supplies
Member Affiliate ID:    U376963
Website:    www.chandlercreations.com

Policies & Reporting
Chandler Creations Scrapbook Supplies has been iSafeSite Certified since February, 2007. The mission of iSafeSite is to investigate affiliate member websites for the online community, and provide an honest, unbiased evaluation of their services including privacy and safe shopping practices. If the site meets our criteria, they are awarded a certification seal. The iSafeSite difference is that we provide ongoing, random inspections of the site to re-evaluate it's firm commitment to a safe, private and secure online experience. If the member affiliate site fails to live up to our ongoing standards, the site is suspended or removed form our online database. While we do not mediate disputes between you, the public, and member sites or guarantee any online transaction, you may surf and shop with confidence when you see our seal displayed. All valid certification seals can be "clicked to verify". Simply click on any affiliate member site certification seal, and you will be directed to the iSafeSite verification area for real-time validation. It's that easy and simple.

If you feel that Chandler Creations Scrapbook Supplies has violated the standards of iSafeSite, you may report your concerns to us: Public Feedback. Please include the organization name & member affiliate ID when writing. If you would like more information about our services please visit us at isafesite.org

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